Friday, May 10, 2013

Water paint coffee filter banner

There are only a couple things left that I wanted to share with you from Lucy's party and then I am actually going to have to come up with more content.  Like I am actually going to have to work to impress you all.  Oh no.  

This banner that Lucy and I made for her party was probably the easiest thing I have ever done.  It was so easy and guess what, it was free.

It was right before bedtime when we started, hence why Lucy is in her jammies.  I gave her a stack of coffee filters (no more than 10 in a stack) and told her to select three colors of water paints.  Then I told her to saturate the filters with as much water as she could, and then start painting.

As you can see, this is serious business.

I couldn't decide on making them into a triangle or leave them in circles.  In the end, I decided to leave them in circles.  

Anyway, we did stacks of ten.  This was because I wanted there to be different shades of filters.  The top filter had the most color and by the last filter, it was more of a pastel coloring.

After we got done painting them all and after they all were dried, I folded over just a small part over a piece of twine and taped it.  And that's it.

They really added some nice color to the party and I really liked how they turned out.  The morning breeze did not make them stay put though so they did flip up and down a bit, but I think that added to the beauty of it.  

Have any of you done any projects with coffee filters before?  I have decided they are a great addition to my craft case.

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  1. This is brilliant! I love making banners and thus is so cute for little cost and effort Genius!

  2. You have such fun ideas! They look great! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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