Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boot camp and Element 5

I started working out.

I could just leave it at that, I mean what else is there to say?

Well, for me, I guess there is a bunch left to say.  First off, this is not going to turn into a fitness/healthy eating blog.  But I do want to document my progress and accomplishments as they happen because I think maybe a little encouragement is nice.  And encouragement is what I need.

So I started working out.  I go to a place called Element 5 by my house.  And like a crazy person, I go at 5:30am.

Oh yea, you read that right, 5:30am.  It's a crazy hour to go work out.  But for the past 8 months I have said that I will get up, get the kids ready, go to the YMCA and work out for an hour there.  And in 8 months, I have gone, maybe a handful of times.  It's not because for lack of motivation, but for one, when the kids wake up, they take 9 years to eat breakfast.  Lucy always fights me with getting dressed.  Getting to the gym by 9 gets us home by 10:30 which means my day, after a shower, isn't starting until 11am.  Dexter HATES the kid place and they call me to come and get him about 15 minutes after I start working out.  And lastly, the best play dates are in the morning.  Except when I host craft events in the afternoons, because mine are always the best ::wink wink::

So instead, I found Element 5 and their 5:30am class.  This means I get up at 4:45, drag my sleeping butt out the door and to their studio to get my butt handed to me three days a week (I will be moving up to 5 days a week soon).  When I get home, I get showered, dressed and through my first cup of coffee before the kids even wake up.  Then while they are eating breakfast, I can unload the dishwasher, straighten up, sweep, start laundry and then the grueling task of getting them dressed and out the door for fun.

I have found that even though the 5:30am class is a crazy time to get up, it's actually the best time of all the classes.  You get the gym equipment first.  It's a relatively small class so you get to know the people you are working out with (even the totally kick ass ladies that are totally intimidating because they could totally kick my butt with their pinkie finger).

This boot camp is also not like army boot camp.  Drew and Rommel aren't all up in your face screaming obscenities at you (I think it would be funny if Rommel actually did that because I don't think I have ever seen that guy NOT smiling, even in his work out pictures on Facebook, homie is cray cray).  They also will help you on your technique and make sure you are doing it right so you don't get hurt and if you have an injury, or an existing issue, they give you alternative moves to do.  They also remember you on a personal level.  Drew asked me just yesterday if I had gotten more sleep because I had talked about Dexter's lack of sleep last week.

I've tried other work out classes.  I honestly like the boot camp classes better.  I did boot camp classes back in Vegas and they rocked.  I like feeling like a bad ass while I am dragging tires across the room, or using the crazy looking dumbbells.    I also like that they make you use your body as the ultimate machine.  By adding crazy moves to pushups, pull ups, jumping jacks, whatever, I feel more empowered (except when I have to do burpees.  I hate burpees.  Rommel please eliminate them indefinitely).

You should come and join me.  It's crazy, but it's fun.  It's addicting.  It's satisfying, and I'll be able to show you in 6 weeks that it works too (I'll post before and after pics at that time).

So check out their website and "like" their facebook page.  Maybe I'll see you there!

Disclaimer:  I am working with Element 5 and tracking my progress in exchange for a small discount on my classes, however all opinions are of my own thought and feelings and if I truly hated it, I would never have agreed to write about it.  


  1. Good.....Remember, U were a 3 Sport Letterman in High School....
    I can say with a certain degree of certainty, that U will not see me there....I would lift weights, but they are just too darn heavy!!

  2. I can't find the pricing on their website, but they do offer a free trial class that you can sign up for!


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