Monday, June 10, 2013

Butterfly Mixed Media Art

Thanks to all the voters for Round 3 of the One Crafty Challenge over at One Artsy Mama, because I won again!  I am blown away that I not only am in the top 5 but that I one the first place spot.  I really honestly was only trying to be good enough to make the top 5, not win the whole thing.  I won't complain though, I like winning!

Would you like a glimpse at how I made it?  I'll tell ya!

First thing we did was go to Michael's and I spent something like $80 on supplies.  I painted my canvas with a light blue chalkboard paint by Martha Stewart.  I wanted a flat paint look because I had planned to spray paint glitter lines so I wanted a nice counter balance.  

When my flat blue was dry, I used painter's tape to tape off my lines.  Then I painted another layer of flat blue over it so that it would "seal" the tape seams.  

When the flat blue was dry, I went outside and spray painted the whole thing with a blue glitter spray paint.  I have a new found love of glitter spray paint.  I find it to be the least messy way to use glitter for larger projects.

When the paint was all dry, I started in on my original plan which was to cut out paper flowers and stems and a little quote of "Dream like little girls dream" or something like that.  I liked it.  It was cute.  But it was not winning material.  

Since my vision wasn't turning out the way I was hoping, I took all my stuff back to Michaels.  All of it, except the glitter spray paint.  

And then I was at a loss.  

I took a trip over to my local Ben Franklin Crafts and saw the quote "If nothing changed there'd be no butterflies" and saw a little example project they had.  I liked that far better than what I had done, so I loaded up on some butterflies and went back home.  

The project that was on display at Ben Franklin had twine as the "branches" but when I tried to use twine, I couldn't get mine to twist properly.  I also couldn't get it to stick.  So instead, I went into my front yard and picked up some sticks and I spray painted them with "diamond dust" glitter spray paint and glued them to my canvas.  

The vinyl I used for the quote wouldn't stick right so it's a little wobbly, but whatever, it still works.  

And the butterflies were purchased.  Two of them are clipped on to the branches using alligator clips, the other two are glued to the canvas.

I ended up being super happy with how it turned out.  My favorite part of it is the canvas with the stripes.

 When I finished and showed Lucy, she decided that it was going in her room, so this week or next week, I will be moving a bunch of stuff around on her walls so that I have room to add this to her "gallery."

Again, thanks for everyone that voted!  Round 4 voting will be closing Tuesday morning and the winner of that round will be announced.  I hope it's me again.  I am having a lot of fun with this challenge.

So did you get it right when you voted?


  1. Congrats on your contest!!!U're Number One with me no matter what though!!(Most of the time)....Glad to hear Louie is A-O-K.....As for the butterflies, every time U call Tech Support, a butterfly dies....

  2. Congratulations on the win! worth it.
    Like the glittery base.

  3. This is a cute project! I'm in love with all things butterflies. Congrats on the contest!


  5. Beautiful project!Love butterflies. Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. Very beautiful, I love it


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