Sunday, June 16, 2013

Washi Tape Bag Tags

Lucy is starting Kindergarden this fall (oh my gosh, when did she get big enough to be in school?!). Excuse me while I panic just a bit at the thought that my first born will be leaving me!


Okay, I'm better.  I don't think there is anyone more excited in the world about starting school than my daughter.  On a daily basis, she asks me what she will learn, how many friends will she have, will her teacher be awesome, and lastly, what kind of backpack will she be able to take with her.

I am anti character backpacks because I hate the idea of backpacks being outgrown after just one school year, plus, I wanted something that would hold up through the trials of a kindergartner, so I needed a way to make her backpack fun without the "fun."

balsa wood pieces
washi tape
Xacto knife
Mod Podge or another sealant

Next I had the difficult task of picking out washi tape, I never can decide because they are all so awesome! This yellow tape was part of my rewards from winning the craft week #2 that I participated in over at One Artsy Mama.  
After the yellow was on, I added a border, also from the tape I won.  I actually love the pattern on this pink(?) red(?) colored tape. It reminds me of the doilies that my grandma crochets.  I laid it on trying to only get half of the pattern on either side and I used an x-acto blade to trim off the access.
What I failed to take a picture of is what I did next, which was taking a nail file and “sanding” the excess tape off the edges, but it was exactly what I did with my washi tape earrings.  Washi tape is so thin, it's very easy sand off with a nail file.
For the "L," I made my own “washi paper” by sticking some washi tape on a piece of white paper.  Next I used my Silhouette to cut out an "L" from my homemade washi tape paper. Ingenious right?  I even impressed myself with this move, and that is hard to do.  However, I am sure everyone and their mom knows this trick...  

And there you go, awesomeness at it's finest. 
Along with forgetting to take pictures of filing the sides, I also forgot to take pictures of me drilling the holes for the keychain, but do you know how hard it is to hold a DSLR camera in one hand AND a big ol’ Craftsman drill in the other?  It’s like trying to get my son to go to sleep before Game of Thrones comes on.  Near impossible I tell ya.
So I drilled some holes and then painted over the whole with this DuraClear stuff which is similar to Mod Podge.  I put on two layers on both sides.  This will help keep them nice and wonderful when they get wet, which they are bound to do out here in Seattle.
Do you like the crazy colored one on the left?  I asked Lucy to pick out two colors, so naturally she picked out four.  It’s pretty wild, but she loves it.
The pack of wood I bought came with 5 pieces, so of course I made 5.  
The "I'm Crafty" one is naturally mine and I figure I'll sneak the Star Wars one on Matt's work backpack without him knowing. 
So there you go, a super easy fun craft so the kids have a little bit of "home" with them at school!
This post was originally shared at Cheerios and Lattes as a guest post.  

To see more washi tape crafts, see below!


  1. Looks like an excellent meal plan to me. I'm loving all food on the grill this summer too :)

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  2. The tags look super cute! xo

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  4. These are fab!

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