Sunday, June 16, 2013

This week's menu

I posted last week about Lucy's surgery and I gave a bit of an update on Thursday.  Since that update, her eyes are WAY better.  And I mean WAY better.  Her right eye, which we knew would be, is still very bruised and that eye is still more red and "bloody" than the left, but the fact is, you can see how well they are healing.

We have our post op appointment tomorrow morning where the doctor will hopefully clear her for "full duty" and she can go back to normal play.  It's so hard telling her she can't do stuff, like play in the sand, swim in the lake, or ride her bike (which honestly she probably could do, but since she is still learning without her training wheels, I would rather just be more safe than sorry).

Speaking of swimming, she starts swim lessons in two weeks and in 3 (I think) weeks, she is going to be running her first 1 mile fun run.  If you have been following me on Instagram, you have seen all the pictures I took of her on Friday of her running in her new shoes.  She was so excited.  I even bought her a "running outfit" so that she would be super excited.

There are some big announcements being posted tomorrow morning and I can't wait for you all to read them!  

Now on to the menu:

This week breakfast and lunch will all basically be the same so I am not going to list them.  We will be rotating eggs and cereal pretty much all week.  For lunch, it will be sandwiches and left overs.

Monday-Tilapia tacos

Tuesday-Feta, onion and spinach quesadilla (probably on the grill)

Wednesday- Panera mac&cheese with grilled chicken

Thursday-Possibly eating out, or left overs.  I couldn't figure out what sounded good and would complete this week

Friday-BBQ Pizza

Saturday-BBQ chicken and grilled veggies

Sunday-BBQ steaks and grilled veggies

I love grilling in the summer, can you tell?

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