Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Week's Menu

This week was horribly busy.  We planned and hosted a HUGE 7 family yard sale for the weekend.  I never realized just how much work a yard sale was.  Until I hosted my own.  Whoa.  I am exhausted.  But we made a nice chunk of cash and we got our vehicles that we are selling "out there" so hopefully they will be going soon too.

Earlier this week, Lucy had her follow up appointment for her eyes.  The doctor said everything was looking really good and that she was ready to get fitted for her glasses.  She tried on a few pairs but we are having a hard time deciding which ones, do you guys have any input?

Speaking of glasses, Dexter found a pair of Lucy's sunglasses and fell in love.

We went to a place called Play-Well Teknologies in Kirkland. It's a REALLY cool place where they use Legos to teach kids about simple machines and stuff.  It's super cool.  I am trying to convince Matt that we need to put Lucy into the Jedi summer camp class that they have.

Dex decided that his favorite place in our house is on our windowsill.

And he made a new friend, a toy dinosaur that is at our friend's house.

On the workout aspect of my life, well, I am actually loving it.  I never thought I would hear myself say that.  I mean, I liked working out in boot camp in Vegas, I really did, but I am really loving working out at Element 5.  I like it because I have some friends in the class with me, although once their groupon special ends, they will be leaving me sadly.  I am also LOVING the classes that Rommel teaches.  I am going to stop by the studio during the week to get my measurements taken and then I will be posting a picture of my "before"  ::gulp:: to show you guys my progress.  Granted, I have been working out there for a few weeks now, my "before" picture will be more like an "in progress" picture, but still.

I am trying really hard to go off their suggested meal plan this week which really is pretty easy.  I am not going to stop drinking my coffee, nor will I be giving up my semi-nightly glasses of wine.  Oh and Matt and I are going on a date on Friday so I will be eating whatever I want that night too (sorry Rommel haha).

As long as the food comes out good, I might post the recipes.  Maybe, if I feel like sharing.

On to this week's menu:

B-breakfast burritos
L-cottage cheese and veggies (the meal plan says this is only a snack and that for lunch I should have a turkey sandwich but I am not a fan of turkey and I don't like eating much for lunch so I having this instead)
D-Turkey spinach manicotti

L-left overs
D-orange beef and broccoli

B-egg and mushroom quiche (I will be making this ahead of time so that all I have to do is heat them up when I get home from boot camp.  This way Matt can also have one before work)
L-cottage cheese and veggies
D-grilled chicken and asparagus (I will also be serving watermelon)

Thursday (My first delivery of Full Circle will be delivered, I am so excited!)
B-English muffin with egg
L-PB&J (not on the menu plan, but sounds good)
D-spicy parmesan meatballs w/ angel hair pasta

B-oatmeal with blueberries
L-left overs
D-Matt and I are going out, the kids will have pizza or mac and cheese and fish sticks

B-veggie omelet
L-spinach salad
D-grilled chicken and some sort of veggie

B-blueberry oatmeal muffins
L-tuna sandwiches
D-grilled chicken tacos


  1. I say middle pair also :) super cute!!!

  2. middle pair. blue and purple :)

  3. What ages are good for the Kirkland place? I'm in Everett-I may check it out!

    I vote for the 2nd pair! Very wild!

  4. Middle pair ftw! Seriously, no contest.

  5. Also, there is a pillow behind Dexter's head in a pic and it looks like he has a mullet!

  6. @MotherChuckler the summer camps are good for 5 and up but their "drop in classes" that we went to they said 4 and up. How old is your LO?

  7. I am loving the middle pair of glasses too! We will probably take a look at a few other pairs just so she can be sure, plus I want her to have two pairs so if she breaks or loses them. I so hope those middle pair are ones she gets!

  8. Also, MotherChuckler, here is the link for the classes

  9. Little Red needs "Dirty Harry" sunglasses.......

  10. I like the middle pair of glasses. They're super cute and fit her face nicely. And btw, my son totally has those batman jammies that Dex is wearing!


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