Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Week's Menu

I will say that I love living in Seattle.  I love the green.  I love the rain.  I love that there is so much for our family here, regardless of Matt's job.  

What I don't love is that we don't have central air conditioning.  When we first moved here and people told us there was no central air, we thought it was a joke.  Moving from Las Vegas where it's hotter than the surface of the sun, you don't live without AC.  As a matter of fact, you can't live in your house when your AC goes out.  And the fact that you typically run your AC in Vegas for pretty much as long as you run your heater here in Seattle, living without AC is difficult.

It's not terrible.  It's not unbearable.  But it is uncomfortable.  We've talked about buying window units and whatnot, but for the length of time it's stupid hot here, we just don't see it being worth it.  So instead, we set up the fans and hope it cools off at night.

Lucy starts swim lessons tomorrow.  I am almost as excited for this as Lucy is.  She is beside herself with excitement.  I cannot wait for her to learn to swim, it's going to make so much easier when we go to the pool and the beach and I only have to hold onto one of the kids.  She is also taking the classes with her friend so they will have fun together.

I told you guys a little bit ago that I was going to be participating as a regular guest poster on a couple other blogs soon.  Well one of them, The Breastfeeding Place, goes live tomorrow.  I am just a part time author on that page and will be contributing in the way of an advice column.  I'll link when I post, but if you have questions you would like to ask, email me!  If you want to keep up with the regular boob talk, "like" them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Pinterest or Google+!

Things are going great with boot camp.  Well except that I slept through my alarm on Friday so I missed it.

I am excited to get back to it this week because we made plans to take a trip to the coast at the end of the summer and I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

Also, they got these super awesome tanks in to wear and I really want one.  The kicker was they didn't have my size so now I have a second incentive, to get into that tank.  It's a silly goal, but whatever.

Now, on to this week's menu, I will be following the Element 5's menu closely this week, but I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT turn my oven on this week (except for at night when I will do a little baking for the week).  If it cannot be made on the BBQ, it won't be cooked in this house this week.  It is far too hot.

L-tuna sandwiches
D-grilled chicken tacos

L-we will be eating out since after swim I am picking up some exciting stuff to blog about next week!
D-avocado chicken tacos

L-caesars salad
D-beef tenderloin steaks

L/D-going to a BBQ

D-BBQ pizza

B-Starbucks (we will be picking up our Bountiful Baskets)
D-BBQing again!

B-pancakes and eggs

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this new site! I'm glad you are part of our team - I enjoy your humor and I think it is a fantastic element you are bringing to our group :)


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