Friday, July 19, 2013

Cup Painting

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Today, I am excited to introduce you to Jessica who blogs over at Preserving Life's Moments.  I met Jessica through my local mom's group and I am so glad that I did!  Not only is she an active blogger like myself, but she is also super crafty!  She hosts a lot of our craft nights which are not only fun because they are always kid-free, but I love the projects she sets up for us!  When Jessica signed up to be a guest poster for this series, I knew she wouldn't let me down and I was right!  I am loving her cup painting!  But please, read below and check out the awesomeness of it!

And now on to Jessica!

Recently we had a few days at our house with out any morning activities scheduled. That meant it was time to scour my Pinterest boards and see what we could create. One of the projects I settled on was "Cup Painting". My two kiddos (6 years and 2.5 years) aren't new to the idea of creating and crafting and love to be presented with a project. Even better I turned this into a 2 day project, which meant I could fill up more time with it!!

--Paint (we used washable tempera paint)
--Cup(s) (we used two different sized plastic cups that I could toss after the project)
--Paper (we used white computer paper)

Step 1:
Get the rim of the cup covered in paint. Then "stamp" it onto your paper. Repeat this step multiple times until you have the desired pattern/look you want. I showed my kiddos how to over lap the cups to create smaller circles and shapes.

Adalyn started this process on task and then got really excited and started using the cup as a paint brush. No problem in my book, 'cause she was happy and engaged. I did create a page for her to use for the final step of the project.

Step 2:
Let the pages dry. This might only take a few minutes to an hour. We headed out to play in the sun and returned to our projects the next morning.

Step 3:
Color in the painted circles. I gave the little artist's crayons so that the artwork would have a couple different textures to it. You could use watercolor paint, markers, colored pencils or more tempera paint.

 The big kiddo really really enjoyed this project. He loved creating a design with the cups and then coloring them in. I was actually a bit surprised by how much he focused and enjoyed doing this. I even found making the cup paint circles addicting. The little one didn't get her circles all colored in, but again, no worries. She was focused and creating on her own little 2 year old level.

The finished projects:

Jessica is a work-at-home mom to Shane (6) and Adalyn (2.5). She loves photography, crafting, reading, baking, cooking, and is a Consultant for Close To My Heart. You can read about all of Jessica and her family's adventures at Preserving Life’s Moments.                                                                                       

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  1. Randi, this was a great post by your guest. Love it.

  2. Louie and Little Red have chg'd so much since your last visit to Vegas!!!!.......


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