Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DinoMite 3rd Birthday

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I am pleased to introduce to you my friend Amy. Amy is a fellow January 2012 mom, like my friend Krystal who was here last week. Amy isn't a blogger, but seeing these pictures of her son's birthday? WHOA! She totally needs to start blogging, mostly so that I can follow her on Pinterest with all her stuff. Anyway, she asked me if she could guest post here so that others could re-pin her stuff, and of course, I had to oblige. I can't wait for you to see the party she threw together. 

I am listing this under the Kids Summer Craft Camp because there are a ton of idea here to be able to do outside of a party with your kids this summer! I can't wait to do some of these activities with my kids!

And now I bring to you Amy!

My son, Noah is a dinosaur fanatic. Ever since he was 2.5, he has known the names of more than 10 dinosaurs (more than Mommy knew). It was no surprise when he told me a few months ago that he wanted a dinosaur party for his 3rd birthday. Off to Pinterest I went to gather ideas.

It’s usually safe to say that weather for a July birthday in Ottawa will be hot and sunny. However, this year we have had more than double the average rainfall! I was getting a little worried the party would be rained out. With an RSVP’d guest list of 45 people and lots of outdoor activities planned, I needed the rain to stay away. I watched the forecast obsessively for the 2 weeks prior. One day they would call for rain, and then the next, sun. Finally a few days before, the weather man seemed to settle on hot, humid and sunny! Sure enough that’s what we had, 37Celsius with the humidex (that’s 98F for you Americans)! Hot and sticky is much better than rainy! I was not complaining.

We have a home outside the city with a large yard with tons of fun stuff for kids. I decided to take advantage of what we already have and turn everything into “Dino” related activities.  All but 3 of the activities were set up for the kids to play on their own time. It worked out great.

Without further adieu, come see how we celebrated Noah’s 3rd Birthday

Dino Doodles

A friend and I had a craft night a month ago and made these huge outdoor chalkboards. We bought a sheet of Plywood and cut it in half horizontally (each board ended up being 8x2). You’ve probably seen this done on pinterest. The catch is, chalkboard paint is not meant to be used outdoors. Other people have mentioned that their boards have only lasted a couple seasons. We found a pin to make exterior chalkboard paint by mixing grout powder and exterior paint. We simply mixed that, painted all surfaces, let dry and then sanded lightly. We now have awesome outdoor chalkboards that we’re hoping will last for years.

Dino Theatre

I lucked out and found these cute dino puppets at a yard sale for $1 each. There’s a little cabin area at the bottom of our play structure. It was the perfect space for the kids to put on a little puppet show for each other.

Dino Battles
The trampoline is Noah’s favorite thing in the yard. I saw these adorable dino tails on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the trampoline. I can't sew, but my awesome mother in law made these just in time for the party. The kids decided they’d rather use them as swords than tails, but they were still fun.

Fossil Dig
When I found a dinosaur fossil set for $3 in the toy section of the grocery store, I knew Noah would be excited. It was the perfect addition to our huge 8x8 sandbox.

Dino Smash

I picked up a 10 pack of mini dinos from Dollarama and froze them individually with a couple inches of water in a solo cup. The kids LOVED this. What kid doesn't love taking a hammer and smashing a dino out of its shell :)

Pin the Tail on Noahsaurus

This activity explains itself. The kids kept saying “Hey, Noah’s a dinosaur”. It was pretty cute.

Volcano Explosion

A couple weeks before his birthday, Noah started talking about volcanos. I knew he would be in awe of the old science project volcano explosion with baking soda and vinegar. I covered a 2L pop bottle with air dry clay 3 days before his party. I planned to paint it to look like a volcano. However, with the hot, humid weather we were having, it started cracking after only a day. I figured the kids wouldn't really care if it didnt look like a volcano. They would still be as amazed with the reaction. Sure enough, I was right!

I had not planned to include water activities in the party, but after seeing how hot and humid it was going it be, I knew the kids would need somewhere to cool down. We had the pool set up and we turned our deck slide into a water slide.

Dino Diner
Onto the food! I didnt get a chance to take pictures of all the cute little signs I made for the dishes. Have I mentioned it was hot?? Ya, it was hot! We couldn’t put the food out until it was actually time to eat. We did have chips out to munch on for the first hour. I caught a pic of my 18m old stealing Doritos.  

Everyone was hot and hungry by the time we were serving lunch, so I didnt want to hold them up by trying to get pictures, so you’ll have to imagine them.

We served the following
Dino Balls (sweet n sour meatballs)
PB&Jsaurus sandwiches
Eggsaurus sandwiches
Herbivore Grub (potato salad, pasta salad, cold veggies)

Onto dessert. I wanted to make this super easy Dinosaur cake I saw on pinterest, but I knew it wouldn't be enough to feed everyone, so I did cupcakes as well.

The cake is two 9” round cakes cut to shape the dinosaur. I bought candy rocks from BulkBarn and used hershey kisses for spikes and candy wafers for spots/claws.

I made the cupcake toppers with my cricut.

I did Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing as favours. It was my first attempt at flooded icing, so I was happy with how they turned out. I made 4 different dinos, but for some reason didn’t take pictures of them all before the party. I’m thinking I needed to rescue my daughter from something and forgot to go back.  Dont mind the ugly picture on the table with the leftovers.

The party was a lot of fun. Hopefully Noah will remember his DinoMite party in the months and years to come. We feel so blessed to be parents to this loving, kind, shy, energetic and busy 3 year old. And with that, here is a picture of the birthday boy and I.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Amy is a full time working mom to two amazing kids (Noah 3 years and Claire 18 months) and wife to a hard-working, devoted husband and father Charly. Together they enjoy making memories with their kids, whether it be camping on the weekend, water fights on weeknights, Sunday mornings at church, hours of playing cars and trucks in the kitchen or storytime before bed. Nothing is more important than family time. Amy is a momtographer, purposeful crafter, baker and soccer playing Jesus follower.


  1. Great Party........"Down with water marks..."

  2. My sons and I were at Noah's party and Amy did an AMAZING job! The kids had a blast! My 2.5 yr old's favourite was the Dinosaur Dig.
    Thank you for inviting us Noah and Amy :)

  3. My sons and I were at Noah's party and Amy did an AMAZING job. We had a blast! My 2.5 yr old's favourite station was the Dinosaur Dig.
    Thank you for inviting us Noah and Amy :)


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