Thursday, July 4, 2013

Last minute 4th of July craft; Part 4

Every year, I subject my family to patriotic themed shirts.  I usually would just get something from Old Navy since they would be super cheap.  However, this year, being the crazy crafter I have become, I decided to make our own.  

I cannot remember where I first saw this idea.  I am sure Pinterest was involved.  However, the idea of using cookie cutters instead of stencils for this craft was much more appealing.  Especially since I was having a difficult time myself using the stencils I bought.  

White shirts
Red and blue fabric paint
Star cookie cutters

So we got the kids together and everyone got to make their own.  We used a red and blue glitter fabric paint.  I designated two cookie cutters per plate and the kids were great about not mixing the paints, which was my biggest concern.

The kids did a great job making their shirts and they needed very minimal help from the moms, which is always a plus when it comes to crafts right?  We basically just made sure they weren't wiping their paint hands on my friend's white slip covers.

As you can see below, they did an EXCELLENT job.

What I liked about this project was that it has ENDLESS possibilities.  You could use any kind of cookie cutter, any color of paint, and any kind of fabric.  I think my next project using this technique will be to stencil a tote bad for Lucy's karate gear, or ballet gear, or cheer gear, or swim gear or or....

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  1. I like anything that has to do with T-Shirts.......We definitely have to get up and see your new digs!!!...Little Louie is just the prettiest little girl!....Oh, speaking of pretty little girls, we took Jade to the movies...


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