Thursday, July 4, 2013

Last minute 4th of July crafts; Part 2

For our Forth of July craft with our mom's group, we made toilet paper roll fireworks.  They were perfect for the kids and they had a great time doing them.

Toilet paper rolls (empty)
Red and blue construction paper
Washi Tape

I cut the red paper that they used to wrap the rolls with into 4"x4" squares.  This did not seem to be big enough.  They should have been 4.25"x4" because 4" didn't seem to wrap all the way around.  Of course 4" was too long but that's ok.

We then glued the red paper to the toilet paper rolls.

While we were holding them together waiting to dry, we danced to Katy Perry's Firework song.  The girls loved it. 

Then we decorated.  Each girl got two strips of washi tape, one in blue and one in red to wrap around their firework.

And then they got stickers to decorate.

When they were done decorating, each girl got a circle with a slit in it.  You overlap the paper causing it to "cone" and then we glued it to the top of the roll.  I would suggest hot glue in the future because the elmers we used didn't seem to do the job.

While it dried, we danced again.

After our dance session, we glued some glitter to the top that was part of my winnings from the glitter round again.

When they were all done, we set them to dry and went outside to play in the water.  I love seeing what the kids came up with in terms of decorations.

What do you think?  What 4th of July crafts did you do?  Link them below!

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