Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple Stained Glass for Toddlers

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We are hitting the midpoint to this summer's craft camp.  I am very happy that we got this far and I, again, am overwhelmed with the amount of people that wanted to participate in this!

Today I get to introduce you to another Seattle blogger, Lindsay, who blogs over at Life by Lindsay.  I am hoping to meet her one day at a blogger meet and greet eventually because her blog is pretty cool if I do say so myself!  She brings to us a super cute and simple craft for kids of all ages, so please, read on!

I love inspiring creativity, especially within my daughter! So for her birthday, I really wanted to include a craft activity that the girls could do together!

Trying to figure out a craft that wouldn't be too difficult for the different range of ages that we had coming to the party, as well as keeping in mind that I didn't really want to have to clean up after 12 little girls painting, I landed on this simple stained glass craft. This is actually the first craft I ever did with Zane when she was just a year and a half old. It is so great because it is easy enough for young children, but it can keep the attention of older kids because they can really show their creativity! It is the perfect craft for a party or even with multiple siblings!

The great thing about this is that you can personalize this craft for each child with favorite colors, different textures in supplies & even change the theme to match a certain season or holiday!

Supplies you will need:
  • Clear Contact Paper (I buy mine at Walmart!)
  • Masking Tape
  • Various colors of Tissue paper cut into squares/shapes
  • Sequins and/or glitter 
  • Card-stock (Optional - use for making the frame)
Step One: Cut and Tape the Contact Paper
I cut 12 inch squares, you again you can customize this to whatever size project you want to do. (for Easter, we made them a little bit bigger and cut the paper frame in the shape of a Easter Egg!)

You will want to cut TWO pieces of contact paper the same size.
Place a roll of masking tape on the CLEAR side of the contact paper (NOT the side that has the paper on it) on each corner. Place that on your table so that the white paper side is facing up. 

Step Two: Peel the Paper back
Carefully start at one corner and peel the white paper back off of the contact paper, leaving the contact paper taped to the table with the sticky side facing UP.  At this point you can put a cut-out frame on the sticky side, giving your child "lines to color within" OR you can just leave it unframed, and cut the edges later in whatever shape you want. The frame is not required. We wrote the kids names on the frame so we would know which Stained Glass belonged to which child at the end of the evening!

Step Three: Decorate!
Let the kids loose!! Zane loves to touch the contact paper at first and feel the sticky-ness (and mom is letting me touch something sticky!!)! 

Step Four: Cover & Trim
Once they are done adding all the fun colored tissue paper & sequins, take the other piece of contact paper you cut, take the backing off and carefully place it over top all the sequins & tissue paper - smooth it out with your hand, making sure it sticks completely to the other side.

Once you have the artwork covered, you can un-stick it from the table, remove the masking tape and trim along the outside of the card-stock from you had placed inside. 

That is just some of the completed Simple Stained Glass windows from Zane's party - they all got to take them home with them when they left to hang them in their own windows at home! 

I hope that this inspires you to do something fun with your children today!! 


Lindsay is a Midwest girl born and raised, transplanted to Seattle area in 2002 and is now a Pacific Northwest girl at heart. In 2004 she married the love of her life - and they travelled on a whim and enjoyed full freedom until July of 2011 when their lives changed forever for the better - they had their daughter Zane. She is the light of her life! They still travel a lot, but now it is with a stroller, a stuffed bear named "Bear" and a cute little blonde. In her free time, she loves to help create lasting memories for people with one-of-a-kind photo booth backdrops & party styling.

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