Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week's Menu

We started swim this week, like I mentioned before and it's been going great!  Lucy has really taken to it like the little fish that she is, so much so, tomorrow morning before class starts, I am signing her up for another session.  During that session she will move to the big pool and start learning strokes and stuff.  This makes me super happy because I want to move her to a swim team soon.  The city of Kirkland won't let her start until she's 6, but in the mean time she can get all the practice in that she can get!  I am sad that Dex isn't old enough yet to start swim lessons yet, but at least next summer, while Lucy is in swim team practice, I will be able to do mommy and me classes with him.  He gets so mad right now that he can't be in the water with her, but his time will come. 

I am planning a trip in the next few weeks to see my best friend in Colorado.  It will be a ridiculous road trip, two full days driving, then we will spend about 5 days in Colorado and then I am hoping to add a quick detour to Las Vegas to see our family for a quick trip.  The side trip will only work if my dad (dad are you reading this) decides he wants to drive back to Seattle with me and the kids.  This way he can come up and see where we live and maybe hang out for a day or so before flying back (dad the pressure is on now, the whole internet is reading this haha).

Fourth of July found us well also.  We went over to our friend's house for a BBQ and some sparklers. We had a lovely time.

Working out has sucked for me this week.  I went Monday, wasn't feeling great on Wednesday and then Friday...well...Friday I was way super tired and possibly a little hung over from Thursday's celebrations.  Don't judge.  

This week's menu will be a little on the light side and super easy side.  It's still a little too warm to cook with the oven.  This week is going to be a little crazy for me anyway, Lucy's cheer classes end on Monday, then we have karate Tuesday, I might be driving down to Vancouver for the day on Wednesday and then I will probably be recouping Thursday.  It will be a super easy week cooking wise.  

Now onto the menu:

B: eggs and toast
L: pb&j
D: grilled chicken and some grilled veggies

B: oatmeal
L: sandwiches and snacks, we are having a picnic
D: taco salad

B: waffles
L: pb&j
D: left overs, we will be getting home late, so Matt will be on his own!

B: eggs and bacon
L: sandwiches and salad
D: breaking my oven "rule" and baking eggplant parm

B: cereal
L: snacks, left overs and fruit
D: grilled pizza

B: pancakes and eggs
L: chicken salad sandwiches
D: left overs

B: german pancakes
L: chicken salad sandwiches
D: grilled steaks and veggies

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  1. This road trip is not a good idea....I have to ck with your Grampa to see when I go down there....Will know soon.......By the time U get your car road ready, it will be cheaper to fly....This is not a no go.....


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