Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Lucy-ism

Lucy has this baby doll.  It's creepy.  Aside from hating all baby dolls, I especially hate this one.  It's far too life like for me.  It's heavy like a baby, it's got this reddish hair (that doesn't look red in this picture) and after Dexter was born, I would see this baby on the floor and wonder how Dexter got there.

I hate this baby doll.

Needless to say that because I hate this baby, Lucy and Dexter love it.

I have named this baby doll, Creepy Baby.  Lucy or Dex will be playing with it and I say something like "What is Creepy Baby up to today?"  Lucy will always say something like "it's not a creepy baby mommy, I love her."

It's creepy.

Lucy woke up this morning and came out to the living room carrying Creepy Baby by the leg and said, "mommy, do you care if Creepy Baby sits next to you in the chair?"

I just stared at her.  "No."


  1. So U DO want Creepy Baby to sit next to U?....!

  2. Bahaha! When the picture was small on bloglovin' I thought it WAS a real baby and not a doll - you are right, it's very life like. When I was little I would twirl my doll's hair with my fingers as I was falling asleep. This resulted in my doll having multiple bald spots...make it even more creepy looking :)

  3. It is creepy. And even after it was full size on your blog it looked real for a minute. Thanks for making me happy about not having a daughter today :)


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