Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Activity buckets

Don't forget to follow the Kids Summer Craft Camp along on the KSCC Pinterest board where I will be pinning all of the posts.  Also, I encourage you to take pictures of your own creations and use the hashtag #KidsSummerCraftCamp on Instagram or on Twitter!  I'd love to see what you are up to!

Victoria from My Little Birds is stopping by to join us today to bring us these Activity Jars.  Victoria is another mom friend of mine from that January 2012 board I told you about a few other times.   She's rounding up my guest posts for the summer and I am very excited she's here.  The craft that she is sharing today is super simple and can be done a ton of different ways.  I am actually trying to figure out where I could put a few of my own!

Well enough from me, here is Victoria! 

I'm super stoked to be a part of the Kids Summer Craft Camp here at Sowdering About! I love doing projects big and small. This time I decided to do something I had seen as a pin on Pinterest. A storage jar with a painted plastic animal on the lid. I figured it would be cute to hold crayons and stuff on the art table in the play room!

First step was to get said animals, and bring them home. I managed to find small ones for $0.39 and $0.59 in the favor bins at Party City.  Piper approved.

After that, my goal was to eat as many peanuts as humanly possible, so I could have the nice plastic jar they come in. Asking a pregnant woman to eat? Yeah, definitely a successful mission!

Then we gathered our supplies and headed down to the craft nook!

Then came the time consuming part. Painting the animals. we chose a few and began that process.

During the painting process, it became clear that some paint colors cover BAD. And take a million coats, and still not come out right in the end. So choose your colors wisely! (I'm talking to you green and yellow)

In the end, I was okay with how two of the animals came out. Which was fine because that is how many fit on the top of the jar without looking too crazy.

Once I was happy with placement, it was time to bust out the super glue, and glue these guys down. Now to find where the drawing utensils are to actually fill the jar! :)

Final Product?!

Should be plenty big enough for drawing and coloring instruments, especially if you subtract the amount of crayons eaten by Piper.

Thank you Randi for letting me be a part of the craft camp!


Victoria is a working mom of a daughter named Piper and a son that is coming any day now.  

She likes to craft and blog, in her spare time, you know, when she has it.

Follow Victoria at her blog

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