Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy Bags

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I was really lucky when I found the January 2012 birth board on back when I was pregnant with Dexter.  We quickly moved our forum over to a Facebook group and that is now where I converse with all the women that also have January babies, granted we had some premies like Chenoa's Sophia, but they were all due in January so that is what counts.

Today, I am sharing with you these busy bags that my friend Raven made for her kids when they went on a road trip this summer.  I am including it in the Kids Summer Craft Camp series because part of the fun of summer is vacations!  Her idea really helped me on my recent road trip.  I took her ideas when I packed my car trying to avoid just sticking my kids in front of the iPad the whole time we were driving, although, the beauty of the iPad is amazing.  The pictures are Raven's but the writing is mine, so sit back and check it all out!

The hardest part of being on the road is keeping the kids entertained.  Back when I was growing up, I would bring books to pass the time.  My dad and brother and I would sing songs because we didn't have a CD player or an iPod so we wouldn't get FM services through most of the drive.  Also, portable DVD players weren't invented (I sound so old) and neither were Kindles or eReaders.  We had to do it the old fashioned way.  

My brother did have a Gameboy that he would bring, but we had to load it with AA batteries and they would die after a while.  Oh how technology has changed.   

When I saw Raven's busy bags that she made, I immediately fell in love because it gives kids something other to than play games on their DS, or on their Kindles, or on the iPad.  Granted, those are still things we take with us, but I tried to keep their use to a minimum this time.

Raven packed bags for her kids with laminated maps, shapes, and books.  She included white board markers so that when her girls were done they would erase and start over.  She also printed out work sheets and put them in clear plastic sheet protectors so they could also be cleaned.

She picked up some cookie sheets from the dollar store so the kids could play with magnets in the car too.  This one was probably my favorite out of everything Raven packed, because the possibilities are endless when it comes to magnets.  You could get letters so your school aged kid could practice spelling, you could get flowers and trees to make into gardens, or you could get dinosaur magnets and have epic battles.  The list could go on and on.

Raven added stickers to blank pages so her kids could draw a whole story around the stickers.

And you know those plastic bags that your sheets come in?  Well SAVE THEM! because they make for great busy bags!  As a matter of fact, I use one in my car that I leave in the trunk, in it I keep two old shirts, a couple of diapers, $5, hair ties, wet wipes and tylenol.  Raven used hers to hold all the crayons, pencils and markers.

Raven included some window clings that she picked up from the dollar store so the kids could decorate the windows next to their car seats.  And do you see the glove she threw in there so that the kids could wipe off their dry erase sheets super easily.

Pipe cleaners have turned into a huge hit in my house lately and apparently, they have in Raven's house too, because she packed pipe cleaners and beads so her girls could make jewelry and necklaces.  Her son Davis, who is Dexter's age, also likes to twist and bend pipe cleaners too so she packed some for him too.

Raven's busy bags were perfect for her trip and it kept her kids entertained for hours.  Her ideas inspired me when I packed our car for our trip.  I really hope that Raven's ideas will help you as well on your road trips!

What things have you packed?

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