Friday, August 23, 2013

Clothes pin airplanes

My dad drove back with us on our super long trip and unfortunately he had to leave Friday morning.  I really miss him since he left.  We had a lot of fun and I truly cannot wait until he makes a trip back.  
While he was here I roped him into doing a craft with me, which really, to be honest, he didn't need much convincing.  See not many people know this, but my dad was my girl scout troop leader.  He was a single dad and wanted me in the scouts and there wasn't an active troop for my school.  I look back now I don't know how he did it, working full time, going to school, raising two kids and running this troop.  But he did and I am forever grateful he did.  I had some of the best times with my dad. 

So going back to the craft, I had picked out these super easy clothes pin airplanes.  I figured they would be perfect for the younger crowd (1-3 year olds) and it was.  

  • clothes pins
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • scissors (not pictured)

Each plane consists of a clothes pin, two full popsicle sticks and one half popsicle stick.  Behind the scenes, I cut half the popsicle sticks in half for the tail.  

First I let the kids pick their colors.

Then they went on the grueling task of gluing.  It was actually simple enough.  Each of the planes only need three dots of glue.  

And tada!  A plane is made.  Super super easy right?  

While the kids waited for their airplanes to dry, they headed over to another picnic bench to play some games.  I was selected by to host a Monopoly HouseParty.  For hosting a party, they gave me four games, Candyland, Connect 4, Monopoly and Deal card game (which I had never heard of before).  

I was pretty excited when I opened up Candyland because I saw that they changed the game.  Instead of having all those little cards, they now have it as a little spin card to use instead.  SO MUCH EASIER. 

The best part of the day was when we busted out Monopoly.  I remember playing it when I was little but I haven't played in a while because Matt calls it the Divorce Game.  What can he say, he's a sore loser.

The reason this was my favorite part was because since there were so many little kids, my dad made up his own rules.

Some things that were overheard during their game:

"You rolled a 5, well that's good.  Ok, 5 lands you on, is that Virginia Street?  Ok, well you get that property because you made an airplane today."

"Oh well because you are such a pretty little girl, here is a Railroad."

And my favorite:

"Well yea, she was supposed to go to jail, but little girls don't go to jail so we are just visiting."

Off handedly my dad told me how he loved playing Monopoly with my niece (his granddaughter) and said "The only problem is, she likes to cheat, but so do I so it's not that bad."

When it was all said and done, each girl had about $5,000 in cash and each had 6 properties, which of course were all equipped with houses and hotels.  When someone would land on a property with a hotel, my dad would exclaim "And for landing at that hotel, you get $20!"

I hope my dad had as much fun as I did while he was here.  I know the girls had a super great time playing Monopoly with him.  It's been years since my dad and I have spent that much time together and really, it was awesome.  I said it once and I'll say it again, I really cannot wait until he comes back.

So dad........look at your calendar and let me know!  Love you!


  1. Those little girls really went for the jugular once we got to Monopoly!!!....What a fun time! It was fun spending time with U again, Randi....Even when we were in the new car and I had to hang on for Dear Life!!!....I can tell you all this; Randi doesn't drive like I taught her!! But then no one in all of Seattle drives sanely!!!!

  2. PS....What happened to my Hair!!?? It's either "High School Gray" or gone!!!!

  3. PPS....The kids really liked the airplanes....I am sure that they were "Keepers"....

  4. PPPPS......U were a pretty good kid which made being a Daddd pretty easy.....LOVE!

  5. Ah, that was the sweetest post! Love your Dad's version of Monopoly! And I kinda agree with your Husband about it being the divorce game. I miss playing that game. Love the airplanes, too. Totally using it for my Toddler Group class.

  6. Thanks for sharing a cute craft idea and your memorable time with your family - Looks like you had fun:)

  7. What a great post! Single Parents are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing about your dad! It truly inspired a single parent things can get tiresome at times but to hear you talk about your memories with your dad makes it all worth it because one day my son will have memories like you do about his mom! :)

    The airplane craft is definitely on my list as a must do!!!
    Again, thank you!


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