Thursday, August 1, 2013

Handprint Fishbowl Painting

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Today, Jessica who blogs over at Preserving Life's Moments is back for another round!  You might remember Jessica from a couple weeks ago when she posted about the cup painting that is super amazing.  I am happy to report she did not disappoint when she sent this craft over.  I am also loving the wide amount of ages this project would be great for!

And now on to Jessica!

My kids (6 and 2.5 years old) LOVE painting their hands and making hand prints, I knew this fun activity would be a hit. Plus, who doesn't love a cute little gold fish!?

 Supplies Part 1:

  • Fish Bowl cut out of paper (I used printer paper, I'd suggest card stock if possible) (I drew our fish bowl, I'm far from an artist, the kids didn't complain) 
  • Blue Paint (we used two blue tempera paints and a sparkly tempera paint)
  • Paint Brushes


I simple gave the kiddos the supplies and told them to paint away. Shane (the 6 year old) had a method to his and painted the outside dark blue and the inside light blue. Then we left our fish bowls to dry. This can just take a few minutes, but we left ours for the day and returned to the project the next morning. 

Supplies Part 2:
  • A variety of beans
  • Orange Tempera Paint (or any color you want to paint the fish)
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • A variety of buttons
  • Glue (we used Elmer's)

The following day, we got our dried fish bowls out and got ready to put the finishing touches on them. First, they glued a variety of beans on the bottom of the bowl for sand. 

Then, I painted their hands orange and added their hand print down as the fish.

We finished the fish off with wiggly eyes and buttons for his bubbles. 

Shane's (6) finished Fish Bowl.

Adalyn's (2.5) finished Fish Bowl

As you can see the 6 year old's looks a bit different from the 2.5 year old's. I'm really careful to not "make" them do a project one way or another. I give them guidelines and let them have at it. Sometimes they want to do what I have suggested other times they make up their own thing. Adalyn wanted her fish's eyes and bubbles where she wanted them. I let her put them there even though her fish is a bit wacky looking.

Jessica is a work-at-home mom to Shane (6) and Adalyn (2.5). She loves photography, crafting, reading, baking, cooking, and is a Consultant for Close To My Heart. You can read about all of Jessica and her family's adventures at Preserving Life’s Moments.                                                                                       
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