Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The family tree

My mother in law has spent years researching her family tree.  I am moderately certain she can trace her family line back through Europe and maybe even back to the caveman days.  Ok I keed I keed, but she does have it traced back for hundreds of years.  

So needless to say, her family tree is very important to her.  For her birthday last year, my sister in laws helped paint her dining room.  After it was painted, my mother in law started working on painting this tree on the wall.  She then went through and printed all these pictures in sepia tones and hung them all over the tree.  

I am blown away by how wonderful it came out.  It truly is great.  So much so, I told her I was going to feature it here.  

Here's one of my favorites on the wall, a picture of all the men in the family on my husband's side.

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