Sunday, August 4, 2013

This Week's Menu


Where to start.

The kids and I started our two week vacation last Monday.  We traveled something like 650 miles our first day and drove for about 12 hours.  We stayed over in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The kids, as I already knew, did great.  Lucy worked on her letters and numbers and Dexter played with his cars.  We got out frequently for bathroom breaks and diaper changes and we took our time.

Tuesday, we drove another 650ish miles and got into Fort Collins, Colorado, our final destination for this part of our trip at about 8pm.  It was a longer day on Tuesday but only because for about four hours we lost signal and my GPS wouldn't pick up our location.  That wasn't an issue though because there really wasn't any way we could have gotten lost.

So since Tuesday night, we have been in Fort Collins and we have had a great time.  We have gone hiking and visited Old Town and played at parks and we have visited lots of friends.

Now the only hiccup came Saturday morning.  I was tired.  Dog tired.  The kids were tired.  I had done a load of laundry at my friend's house and somehow a red crayon got into the dryer.  I am not sure how that happened since we didn't travel with crayons, but it did.  And it ruined all our clothes.  Well maybe not ruined, but I have red crayon on almost everything.  Then Lucy accidentally broke a bowl.  And then Dexter walked right into the corner of the kitchen table.  I was spent and it was only 8am.  I decided we needed some retail therapy and I loaded the kids up in our car, that hadn't been driven since Tuesday and it stalled.

I tried again.  And it wouldn't start.  I tried again and it wouldn't start.  And after pulling a Marty McFly and banging my head against the steering wheel, it started.  So I drove it around the block thinking it was just acting up from being on a hill and parked for 4 days.  Well it was sluggish and it ran like crap.  But I decided to try to make it to Target, I figured, it would be fine.

It wasn't.  It went from bad to worse.  I didn't make it to Target.  I pulled into the first Chevy dealership I came across and coasted into the service drive.  Yes.  I coasted because if the car was in drive it wanted to stall.

Two hours later, I was informed that the timing chain on my car was stretched and needed to be replaced and without knowing any other damage that there could be, they could only quote me on the timing chain.  And then they dropped the ball and said the repairs would be more than what the car was worth.  And my heart sank.  So I called Matt.  He was very cool and collected about the situation and since we already knew that the car was old, and we already knew that we would be needing a new car soon and since we already knew there was only one reasonable way to get us home.

So Matt told me to trade in the car and buy a new one.  And that's where I stand.  I will be going to the dealership tomorrow morning and starting the process to buy a new car.  Now please understand, we do not feel pressured to buy a new car, we could easily just fix the one we have, however, we were already planning on buying a new car.  We had already done the research on the car we wanted to get.  The only thing that we weren't planning on was buying a new car tomorrow, in a different state and while we weren't together to do it.

But, I am a fully capable woman and I can handle the purchasing of a new car with no problem.  And with a million phone calls back and forth to Matt and a million texts messages, I am confident that I will leave the dealership tomorrow with a new, or new to us, minivan and then the kids and I will be on our way.  We are still planning on finishing out our vacation to Las Vegas and then our trip back to Seattle with my dad.  But instead of getting home around August 11th, we won't be getting home until about the 15th.

A hiccup, but not a catastrophe.  It could have been a million times worse.  We could have been stuck in Twin Falls at a hotel.  We could have been stuck in the desert.  It could have been much worse.  And this would have happened regardless of my trip alone or not.  Part of me is happy it happened here and now because it forces me to be confident in my decision.  Part of me is terrified that I will make the wrong choice.  But these are all the same feelings I had the last time I bought a car, I know I can handle this.

I hope to update tomorrow via Facebook on the status of our car situation.  I also hope that I will have keys in my hand and that we will be able to move along in our trip.  It's been quite the adventure and I am excited as to what tomorrow brings.

As for the menu this week, we are eating in with our friends at their house as planned.  Matt is fending for himself back in Washington.

I'll update as I have news!


  1. I wonder how sales tax works on buying a car when you are out of state? Hopefully Colorado is cheaper than Washington (it's got to be, right?).

  2. you will make a great well informed decision. you are more than capable. be safe. <3
    your cuz, Sandra

  3. Wow! You go girl! I know you can handle it all. I can't wait for an update. :)

  4. Did you check the gas gauge?

  5. One more thing....
    Since I will be driving back with U, get an electric car!!! But get a really long extension cord!!!

  6. Well, I would say that's kind of an exciting turn of events! I had car problems not too long ago and although it did not end in a new car, it could have been a lot worse, too. Glad you're taking care of business! And btw, I'm sorry if you see this as "encouraging him", but your dad is hilarious.

  7. It is nerve wracking to buy a car no matter the situation...I totally get how this gets even more nail biting. Yet exciting at the same time! Whohoo "new" car and more vacation to come. You made it all that way with two kids in the car (I sure wouldn't) you can take on those car salesmen!


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