Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Week's Menu

I am back.  My dad has left.  Levels are back to normal.

My trip is officially over and although we had a BLAST, I am so thankful to be home.  There truly is no place like home.

I told you guys here about our car troubles in Colorado.  And really, buying a new car was not that bad.  Matt had test driven cars in Washington while I was test driving cars in Colorado.  He told me what he wanted me to look at, I told him what I had looked at.  We discussed price and options.

Despite the distance between us, we handled it well.  And now, we are the proud owners of a new Chrysler Town and Country.  The best part is, Matt was not happy about upgrading to a minivan, but the first Monday we were back, he volunteered to do a big car pool thing at work and has to take the van because it fits his whole team.  ::coughlameexcusecough::  I hope his co-workers like Monsters Inc because thats the movie playing in the DVD right now.

The drive from Colorado to Las Vegas was nice.  Utah is a beautiful state to drive thru and aside from the fact that there really isn't much there to see, the scenery is pretty.  The drive was smooth and comfortable.

Las Vegas was busy and stressful, but anytime we go back that is how our trips seem to be.  It's hard to see everyone we need to see in the amount of time we are there regardless of how much time we spend there.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have while we were there, but I felt like all I was doing was running around from one point to the next without a break.  It's a good thing our next vacation is coming up so soon since I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.

Our drive back to Seattle was equally as easy.  Aside from the ridiculously long road through the forest in Northern California that I talk about here, it was smooth sailing.  My dad and I had a great time, and like I mentioned last week, it was pretty much the first time in over a year that we had hung out, and most definitely the most we had hung out continuously in well over 5 years.

I loved that he drove back with us and he got to spend some great time with the kids.  Even Dexter was happy he was here, which isn't normal since Dexter tends to dislike everyone.  I'll be sharing a few other moments from my dad's trip in the next couple of days.

Oh and here is a screen shot of the route we took:

Crazy right?  15 days, over 4,500 miles and only three melt downs in the car.  None of which were by me.  Which was a plus.

Ok well, I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this week, so I guess I better get on to the menu already right?

L-hot dogs and salad
D-BBQ beer chicken (you know on those whole chicken roaster things?) and veggies

L-chicken salad sandwiches
D-skillet mexican zucchini with shredded chicken

L-salad and "snacks"  (the kids like to "snack" so if I give them some cherry tomatoes, avocados, pepperoni and fruit they think they are just snacking when in reality they've eaten a whole meal)
D-chicken salad sandwiches and salad

B-cinnamon rolls (I might get crazy and do homemade, look out!)
L-salad and snacks
D-grilled chicken and spinach salad

B-german pancakes
L-salad and snacks
D-BBQ chicken pizza

B-pancakes and bacon and eggs
D-BBQ chicken and veggies

B-german pancakes
D-leftovers or BBQ


  1. I'm so glad U and your Daddd had a great time.....He's a really good guy....

  2. I think your road trip was INSANE and impressive. Nice job.


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