Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Week's Menu

Other than the fact that we cleaned the house, went to a few play dates, had some fun and got re-settled into our regular life, last week was pretty uneventful.

Our TV puttered out.  We are pretty sure it's the bulb again, but either way, it stinks.  In the mean time we have been watching movies in the office on the computer while lounging around on an air mattress.  Moy Moy classy.  The best part about this very strange situation is that the living room has stayed cleaner, longer.  This of course makes me happy.  The state of the office of course is not desirable, but hey, I can close the door on that.

Lucy starts school in 8 days.  EIGHT DAYS people.  She is completely and totally ready to start.  Me however, I am freaking out.  Not that I am not ready for her to start, I am excited FOR HER.  I am excited to start our school routine.  I am excited to be involved in the school.  I am volunteering for the PTA, I just got accepted to get my own girl scout troop and she is getting signed up for ballet this week too.  You know, because I like to keep us busy.

And speaking of being busy, we leave Thursday for our final trip of year to Seaside, Oregon.  We have rented a house with three other families and we are having the last hurrah for all our girls who will be starting Kindergarten this year.  We will be there for five days and when we get back, Lucy starts school.  Whoa.    Make sure you are following me on Instagram to keep up on our trip!

And now on to the menu, it's going to be a super super easy one this week because well, we are leaving town again and I don't feel like getting crazy!

D-roast beef melts

D-BBQ chicken and corn


B-cinnamon rolls
D-on the road because we are traveling!!!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Vacation tiiiiiiiiiime!

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  1. Sure, go on vacation AFTER I leave...Me and Red are hoppin' Mad!..Louie is going to LOVE school.....She is BUILT for school and she will be a great Ballerina...(Takes after her GramPa)...


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