Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Crafting with PVC Pipe

Whoa.  You read that right...31 days of Crafting with PVC pipe.  I didn't originally wanting to go with this logo, but I lost track of time and could not get done the amazing logo I wanted, so this one it is.  Not bad though right?

Anyway, I am excited to share with you my plans.  Most people just use PVC pipe to fix their plumbing problems.  I remember seeing endless amounts growing up while my dad worked hard at keeping our lawn the exact shade of green.

Well, sadly, you will not be seeing any actual plumbing uses here.  For the next 31 days, I am going to show you how I have used PVC pipe in spectacular ways, including but not limited to a washi tape holder, a ring toss game, changing rooms and jewelry.

I cannot wait to share this challenge with you.  I hope you follow along for the full 31 days, you are going to want to too because man, there is some AWESOME stuff coming your way!

See you tomorrow with Day 1!

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