Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gettin' Waverly with Jo-Ann's

In celebration of Waverly fabrics 90th anniversary, Jo-Ann Fabrics sent me 2 yards of this fabric and told me to get creative!  Umm, yes please. 

Well, I can't sew.  But I can craft, so I tried to figure out what I could do that wasn't sewing.  And then I went on vacation.  So, you know, like any crafter, I packed a project box and took it to the beach with me.  

Sadly, I did not take enough fabric.  I haphazardly tried to re-cover this eyeglass case of Lucy's.  It was some silly High School Musical case that I hated and well now, I hate it less.  One day I will probably fix it, because as you will see, it's got some issues, but well, there is only so much one can do when they are at the beach.

My friend Molly decided she would be my hand model for this project, since you know, every eyeglass cover needs a hand model.  

And her bunny ears on it almost made me pee my pants. 

In addition to re-covering Lucy's eyeglass cover, I also glued some fabric to Lucy's school folder and then traced her name in a silver marker.  This folder came out way better than the first I tried to do using fabric paint.  It's still not perfect because I didn't have the right cutting tools with me so the edges are really rough, but it's cute for now.  I might end up re-doing it also.  

Anyway, that's my Waverly fabric project for you.  Be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with the other submissions!

From September 1–22, Jo-Ann and Waverly are hosting a Waverize It contest.  The grand prize for the Facebook contest is $1,000 in Waverly fabric and a $250 Jo-Ann gift card!  Click here to enter.


  1. Love the idea of updating something with fabric. Covering the eye glass case was genius! So jealous you have a hand model. The closest I get is a cat photo bombing my pictures!

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. The clothes pin airplanes are still my favorite....But instead of dandelions for propellers, we could use pine nuts for BOMBS!...Little Red would like that...(And I suspect the girls would also!!)


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