Monday, September 30, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month with Dora and Macy's #sponsored

I got an email inviting the kids and me to Macy's for a book reading with Dora the Explorer for Hispanic Heritage Month.  There wasn't much that needed to convince me to go, I mean, it was at the mall (which I love) and it featured Dora (which Lucy loves), so it was a win-win for us all.  

They had a great set up, there was a line for pictures with Dora and then it moved right along to the craft they had for the kids.  After the craft, the kids moved to the "red carpet" for a story about Dora.  

And of course, you stick this kid in front of a craft table and she will be there for days.  I had to cut her off after about 30 minutes so that there was stuff left for the other kids. 

The crowd was amazing.  I couldn't believe, not only, how many people showed up, but how well it was organized.  I have been to events before where it's been mayhem.  This event was very well organized and there was definitely proper crowd control especially for the size of the area that was available.  Oh and a huge kudos to the parents that were there too, I have been to events where the parents have been worse than the kids, but here, the parents were kind, courteous and waited patiently for a space at the craft table.  They were also patient with me since I had my super huge double stroller with me.  So thank you parents!

While Lucy worked on her project, I snuck over with Dexter to see if he would take a picture with Dora.  He was unimpressed though.  I assume it was mostly because he didn't get a good nap.  However, knowing his history, it was probably because he just dislikes everyone.  Sorry Dora, please don't take offense.  

And of course, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't get a picture with the guest of honor myself?  

Here is a picture of Lucy's final craft.  Oh the glitter glue that was used.

The story time was super cute.  The lady reading was so excited to read to the kids and she was completely interactive with the kids.  She did an amazing job.

All in all, it was a very nice event.  It was busy and crowded but the people running it did an amazing job and I really appreciated being invited.

I hope to see you again next year Macy's!  Congrats on an amazing event, we'd love to come back!

**I was paid to attend this event however all opinions are of my own volition.  I really did have a great time!

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