Monday, September 30, 2013

The road to Verity

I am going to need the help of my readers soon.

I have taken the plunge and applied to be the next Verity mom.  Don't know what a Verity mom is?  Well check out their website.  Or watch my video.  It basically means if I get picked, I will get paid to blog.  A dream right?

Here is my audition video.  Matt and I do a fine job of making fools of ourselves.

I have also included a blooper or two.  There were far more than just what is listed here in bloopers, but I had to narrow it down, for the sake of my pride.

And last but not least, the take that Matt ruined

When it's time to vote, I will be begging and pleading for your votes.  I really hate to lose.

Because if you're not first, your last.  -Talladega Nights

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