Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Week's Menu

I am busy.  To say it lightly.  I am busy.

I do it to myself though.  I don't need to go to play dates.  I didn't have to sign Lucy up for a million activities.  I don't have to take her to and from school.  I don't have to all this stuff.  But, because I think I have adult ADD, I do all this other crap.  And because of it...

I am busy.

I have also decided that I am tired of all our stuff, and I am purging, like, all of it.  I just cleaned out our garage and hauled 4 boxes and 6 trash bags full of stuff for donation.  I listed another two boxes of stuff on my local swap page to sell.  This week, my plans are to go through all the toys in this house.  I am one of those crazy moms that has the toys sorted by type, you know, all the kitchen stuff in one box, dinosaurs in another.  The rest of the toys that won't fit are getting tossed donated.  I'm going through all the closets, all the drawers, all the cubbies.  Everything and I do mean everything is going.  I don't know why I have this sudden desire to purge, but it's a good feeling to get rid of everything.  It's not even spring.  But it feels good.
I have been slacking on my crafts.  I literally haven't done anything in weeks.  I started some stuff tonight and I am hoping to finish it tomorrow so I can actually get something on here to share with you.

Mondays are no longer On Display Monday.  I am joining up with another linkup party soon (I hope) and starting in October, I will be hosting my own with a couple other ladies.  It's in the works so stay tuned.

Matt joined the gym and I am following shortly behind him back to Element 5.  I've been dragging my feet getting back to working out because I didn't want to add one more thing to my plate, but it's something that needs to be added back, so I'll be headed back soon.  In honor of this, I am planning a super strict and healthy menu so that we both can get back on track, you know, right before the holidays.

And here we go:

L-PB&J for the kids, tuna on pitas for me
D-Turkey sausage with peppers and salad

B-eggs with goat cheese on english muffins
L-"snacks" for the kids, chicken and black bean salad for me
D-Fajitas and salad

L-sandwiches for the kids, chicken and avocado wrap for me
D-turkey meatballs and salad

L-"snacks" for the kids, tuna pita for me
D-mango chicken salad

L-"snacks" for the kids, salad with grilled chicken for me
D-PIZZA!!!  (mine will be on a pita) and salad

L-chicken wraps and "snacks"
D-flank stead and potatoes and asparagus

B-egg sandwich on an english muffin
L-salad and "snacks"
D-left overs

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  1. While U are cleaning out the garage, see if U have that set of yellow pliers I loanded U....(Just kidding)....Glad to hear U guys are joining a Gym....I would lift weights also, but they are just too darned heavy!!!!


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