Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Lucy-isms

Lucy went to a bully seminar at her dojo a week ago.  I was sitting in the car with Dexter while he napped and later the sensi came out to tell me what she said in class.

Sensi:  What makes a bully?
Lucy:  Well I have a friend that is a thief and that isn't nice.

[time passes as each of the kids answer the question]

Sensi:  And what would you do if a bully tried to be mean to one of your friends?
Lucy: (mimicking putting her arm around her friend) I would tell the bully, "Hey bully, this is my friend, and she is a thief so if you are mean to her, she will steal all your things!"

Apparently the parents that were in the seminar couldn't control themselves and burst out laughing.  I a really sad I missed this one.  

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  1. I just love this story and I just love that picture of her dancing and reaching out in dance class...She truly is a reflection of her name......Well done Randi and Matt....


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