Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's been a while since I blogged about an actual craft project.  I thought I would bring out one that has been sitting in my arsenal for some time now.  I didn't do much to these tool boxes but I had to share them regardless.   

A few months ago, if you remember, we had a neighborhood yard sale.  About six houses participated including our neighbor that does some woodworking.  I have decided that I love him too.  Bob and his wife are retired and Bob spends his "free" time making these little boxes.  The special part about them is that Bob used to work at an ice rink.  When the hockey players would get mad and break their hockey sticks, Bob would save them.  Now, he uses the old hockey sticks as the handles on some of his tool boxes!  Lucy's tool box has one of the hockey stick handles on it.  I think it makes it that much more special.  

When I saw them, I knew immediately that I needed them all.  I walked over with Lucy so that she could pick one out and sweet Bob refused my money saying he wouldn't take money from a neighbor.  See why I love him?

After I brought them home, I decided they needed color, so I spray painted one teal, for Dexter, and one for purple, for Lucy.  And of course, they needed washi tape.  I mean, really.  

After I added the washi tape, I used my Silhouette to cut out Lucy's name which I mod podged on.  

Did you know that if you type a word into your Silhouette "work space" you can join those letters together?  Yea I didn't either, until I did this project!  It's super easy, and it's something you can do with any set of shapes or images, although I haven't messed around with that yet.  Baby steps with this machine...

I love that pretty much every time I use my Silhouette I learn something new.  I probably know about 4% of what this machine is capable right now.  I really hope to keep building my skills because it's capable of so much.  Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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