Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14: The Phone

Day 14

We are now about half way done with the 31 days challenge.  I have fallen behind...about the same time I did last year.  But that is ok, I will push through.

Also during this 31 days, there has been an abundance of PVC pipe floating around my house, you know, because I am making 31 freaking projects.  Well the kids have been all over it.  Not a day goes by that I am not telling them to leave something alone or to put it back.  

I finally decided to make something for them, so they might leave my stuff alone for a bit.  For this phone, I used 1/2" pipe with two elbow pieces.  I cut the main piece for the size which would fit the kids best.  

It worked for all of about 10 minutes, until one realized that the other had the phone and the other didn't.  Then it was a fight.  Until they found my stash of PVC pipe again in which they just started playing with it all again.

Additionally, I will add that I tried playing with this and it actually does sound like a phone when you are talking.  You also have to talk really quietly into it because if you don't it echoes in your ear and it HURTS!  So whisper when you use it.

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