Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15: The sword

Day 15

After the arguments over the phone that I made on day 14, I realized they needed another toy.  

The best part of this craft is that I picked them PVC pipe up for FREE!  On our way home from dropping Lucy off from the first day of school, one of the houses we walked by had a pile of PVC pipe with a sign "FREE" on it.  And um, how could I pass it up?

The second great part about this craft was that it was the perfect size to fit inside the pool noodles that I had in the garage.

Once I had the pieces cut and the pool noodle on, I asked Lucy to come out for a few pictures and well, she got a little crazy.

As it turns out, this sword hurts a crap ton when your daughter tries to take you out.  So, there's that.


  1. The 5th picture down is my absolute fave! Loving the hand on the hip pose!!

  2. I glad I'm not HER little brother!!!!!!


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