Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16: The makeup brush holder

Day 16

If you are anything like me, your make up pile is a mess.  Dad I am looking at you (I keed I keed).  I have five brushes that I use and mascara, but I have probably 15 different eye shadows and eyeliners.  What is silly about that, it that I have about 15 different shades of brown/gold.  I don't have anything funky, I don't have anything wild.  I have a crap ton of makeup in the same shades.  

When we lived in Las Vegas we had a huge countertop in our bathroom.  One that was large enough for me to spread all my makeup out on and I knew where everything was.  Here in Seattle, our master bathroom is smaller than my closet and I have no counter space.  Instead, I keep all my makeup on a tray on our dresser.  Because of this I can never find the brush I am looking for.  Every morning, I am digging through my tray of makeup looking for the one brush that I need.  It's really dumb. 

So why not make myself a little brush holder out of PVC...right?  

I used an extra piece of 3/4" PVC that I was going to use for candles until that candle project turned out so awful.  I wrapped it in some colorful duct tape, stuffed a 1/2" end cap in the bottom end and TADA!  magic was made.

It fits perfect in my little tray of makeup and here you can get a little glance at the madness that is my makeup tray.  One day I will build something that makes more sense or helps me organize all my brown toned eye shadow, but for now, lets just stick to the brushes.


  1. Hmmm.....U spelled TADA wrong..........It's Taaaa-Daaaaaahh!!!!

  2. Oh, I just FOUND MY MISSING SLIPPER THAT U GAVE ME 6 YRS AGO FOR XMAS!!!!....It's been missing for 5 yrs...........Now that's Taaa--Daaahhh!

  3. Super cute, could you maybe tape a bunch of them together? my brushes are straight up huge (surprise, I have a huge makeup collection) so you could almost have a circle of several pipes...right? (Am I making sense?)


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