Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17: The PVC pipe organizer

Day 17

Today I am sharing with you my new PVC pipe organizer.  

I made this organizer with a 4" 45 degree elbow, two pieces of scrap wood, an unused piece of PVC pipe left over from the napkin rings, some paint, some duct tape, and some washi tape.  

First, I painted the scrap wood with black paint and then went over it in green paint making brush lines in the paint because I wanted the black to show through a little.  I wrapped the wood with some chevron duct tape.  I decided to use duct tape instead of washi on the wood because it's hardier and my piece of wood had some rough edges.  

I wrapped the PVC pip in washi tape because what piece of PVC pipe is complete without some washi tape?

I added this little ring and piece of wood to hold my knife when I am not using it.

This has turned out to be a great addition to my craft desk.  There are so many ways that this could be used and I might even make another to hold my many many sharpies.


  1. Very Clever......I'm going to put a couple up in my shop......I don't know what I will put in them, but it will "look" very cool..........

  2. You have such imagination! Love it!

  3. I love this idea!! I have such a tiny craftroom and these would work great! I bet a bunch of these could be added to a piece of wood and hung on the side of my desk as a space saver!

  4. I like this ideafor my beading tools.

  5. Great idea! I'm thinking of attaching 2 of these to office area wall with Velcro ... How did you attached yours to the wood?


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