Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: Hair accessory holder

Day 2:

Lucy has a million headbands.  I don't know why she does, she doesn't wear them hardly at all.  But she has enough headbands she could wear a difference everyday for at least a month.  There are so many headbands that I felt that they would soon take over our house.  

Something had to be done. 

What you see here is an end cap for a 4" PVC pipe.  It is glued to a 1.5" piece of pipe.  I spray painted them both and then glued them to a plastic plate that I bought from Target for $1.   

The best part of this holder is that the end cap works as a cup so that I can put all of Lucy's hair clips and bracelets in it. 

This holder lives in Lucy's bathroom right next to the necklace holder that I mad her and she loves it!  It makes it so much easier for her to find the right headband or the clips that are in the cup.  

How do you store your hair accessories?

**Disclaimer:  Lucy had so many headbands, I had to remove over half of them from this stand so that you could actually see the stand. 

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  1. U could also make wine glasses out of them......

  2. U could also make wine glasses out of them......

  3. Stephanie GreenwoodOctober 2, 2013 at 5:16 PM

    I was thinking this could be a serving tray also. Or maybe cotton balls/Qtips in the top and pretty soap, lotion in the bottom for a guest bath? I have a million ideas for this!! My hair stuff is on a ribbon board on the wall, and it works pretty well - but we aren't headband gals. We are rubber band / bobby pin gals.

  4. I love this I am sooo making one for Holly!!


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