Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21: PVC pipe back drop

Day 21

Remember how I showed you my faux mantle?  Well let me show you what I did.  It was so simple.

On the first day of Lucy's school, as we walked home, we came across a neighbor that had a bunch of PVC pipe in their front yard with a sign "FREE" on it all.  It was an amazing gift.  Matt was embarrassed to walk home with me but well, it was FREE!  Hello!

It was so amazing that it helped me fashion a "mantle" and by that I mean a makeshift backdrop.  I didn't measure any of it, I just tossed it all together with some left over pieces that I had laying around, and if you ask me...I love it.  It fits perfect on the wooden ledge in my living room.

It works out well since I can take it apart and store it away to use any time I need to.  I can add any type of fabric backdrop I want too.  It's too small to use as a backdrop for pictures with the kids, but honestly, with the seasons and scenery around these parts, who needs a backdrop.

So keep an eye out because I will be using this back drop more often!

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