Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25: PVC Pipe Super Mario Bros

Day 25

I have a secret.  Sometimes I forget.  And well, this year, I was supposed to send this present to my nephew for his 2nd June.  And that never happened.  

Thankfully, he is only 2 so hopefully he won't hold a very long grudge.  If so, Jessica, I promise to pay the therapy bill for that visit.  

When my sister-in-law was pregnant with little Jesse, she decorated the nursery in a Super Mario Bros. theme.  It's seriously the cutest.  My mother-in-law helped paint it and if you can remember when she painted her family tree mural, you can rest assure that my nephews room is equally, if not more, amazing.

So instead, I will be boxing this up for Christmas instead.

After I find out what Dexter did with Toadstools hand.

There isn't much to this, it's just a t-joint that I spray painted green and then bought some little figures from Target.  Luigi is standing on a block inside the pipe, similar to the one Toadstool is on.  Easy peasy.

Now admit it, when you play Super Mario Bros. you always make yourself Mario or the Princess right?  Just me?

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