Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26: PVC Pipe Chip Plate

Day 26

**I originally wrote this post and somehow it was deleted so bare with me if this one is super short and to the point**

You might recognize this little stand from the earrings and necklace projects I did.  But I don't make jewelry often enough to leave it like this.  

So I did what any normal crafter would do, I glued it to a plate and spray painted it copper.  I was hesitant on choosing a metal color, but I went on the inspiration from Chelsea at Making Home Base where she said paining with gold is addicting.  I don't like gold so I went with the next best thing.  When I showed Matt though, he said it looked like the goblet from Indiana Jones.  Whatever Matt.  It just means that you will be eating chips and salsa from the most amazing salsa holder ever.  

I ran into one hiccup with this project.  While the paint was drying, it started raining, big surprise right?  Well it caused the paint on the plate to bubble a little.  I peeled it off and repainted, but you can still tell it's not perfect.

However, the only person that will ever have the opportunity of noticing is the last person at the party.

You will also notice that the salsa is in the original container in the PVC pipe end cap.  The reason for this is because I don't know if spray painted PVC pipe is ok for food.  Second, and most importantly, it makes for super easy clean up since this piece isn't dishwasher safe.

Special thanks to my friend Stephanie at Sassy Little Family for the initial idea.

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