Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 28: PVC Pipe Ring

Day 28

While I was cleaning up my many PVC pipe messes, Lucy found some of the pipe I cut for extra earrings.  She decided to make a ring out of it.  Which works when you have super tiny fingers. 

She did request that I wrap the small piece of pipe in washi tape though.  She picked out this black and purple polka dot tape and said it was "puuuuurfect" and slipped it back on her finger like it was the crown jewel.

When I was done boring her with my photos, she went and added two spider rings to it so that she had "stacking rings" is what she said.  

When she eventually lost it, she got really upset and started crying because it was her "most important ring ever."  I assured her that I had enough pipe to make her 9 million more.  And I am sure she will hold me to that statement for all my days.  

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