Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30: PVC Pipe Extra Easy Crafts

Day 30
The world of PVC seems to be pretty endless.  There isn't many days that go by where I don't think "I could do that with PVC" and then I usually do.  This journey of PVC (that has taken far longer than the intended 30 days) is not over.  I have plenty more crafts that will be popping up soon.  I might even end up being labeled as the PVC pipe crafters, and that is ok.  I just wanted to open the door to this overlooked material.  

To show you a little more, here are three quick crafts I threw together using PVC pipe but didn't have enough to them for a whole post on their own:

PVC Pipe Beads

I took 1" pipe and cut it into small-ish pieces.  Then I laid them out and spray painted them in four different colors next to each other so they would get a mixed color effect.  Then I gave them all to Lucy and told her to go to town.  This is what she came up with:

PVC Pipe Stamp Roller

This craft did not turn out very well.  However, there are a ton of different ways of doing it.  If I did it again, I would use foam stickers since they will all be the same depth.

The way I did it here using a hot glue gun, the squiggles weren't all the same depth or size and so it didn't lay out evenly.

So instead of getting the cool squiggles I was looking for, I ended up with something that resembled bad tire tracks.

The PVC Pipe Cast
At Lucy's school they have this stuffed bear that goes home with the "best listener" of the day.  Lucy got him on Halloween and Dexter got ahold of him and threw him across the room.  I told Lucy how I thought it would be funny if we made him a cast.  So we took a little elbow piece and wrapped it with washi tape to make him look like he had a cast.  Lucy was not happy about this and was scared, I think, that the teacher would get mad that he got hurt so she didn't want him to wear it.  Her teacher did not think it was bad, she actually thought it was super cute.

PVC Pipe pipe cleaner holder
I bought Lucy a bunch of pipe cleaners the other day.  She loves them.  I could literally give her a pack of pipe cleaners and she will play with them for hours.  In fact, that is what she did when I bought her a huge bag of them.  And I walked into her room to find this:

And that is when I made this pipe cleaner holder out of a 4" piece of PVC.  It's about 16" and I put two end caps on either end.  Now I can give her a few at a time and put the rest in here until it's time to use them for a craft (caution, crappy cell phone pic to follow):

In addition to these super simple projects, I also used a piece of PVC as a rolling pin for some paper crafts I was mod podging.  The paper started to lift so I used the pipe to make it stick down.  You might also remember my awesome PVC pipe wine glass charms:

Thanks for hanging out with me during this journey!  I have had a great time with this series, even if it took me entirely too long to finish!  Don't forget, the final craft is tomorrow!

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