Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6: The Clubhouse

Day 6

I have to admit, this is not my craft.  Turns out, my next door neighbor is also interested in PVC crafts.  When I mentioned to her about my month of PVC crafts for this month, she told me that her husband had been busy building a club house for their kids.  I, of course, jumped on the opportunity to feature it!

It might not look like much from the outside, but I will tell you, it's an incredible piece of work.  Kyle, my neighbor, originally had it as a sloped roof, but decided to make it a rounded roof about a month in.  He used a heating gun to re-shape it.  I hear that re-shaping PVC pipe isn't the easiest, and Kyle agrees, it's difficult, but it can be done if you so wish it to.

Kyle used zip ties to attache the tarp over the PVC pipe.  Now, before you get ahead of yourself and ask why he used a pre-printed tarp, I will tell you, the tarp is not a tarp at all.  It's a repurposed vinyl billboard sign.  He got them from  What I love most about it, is the red part of the sign was from a Cox ad that had a picture of Dexter on it, with a bloody knife.  I thought it was ironic that they sent that particular billboard vinyl for a kids clubhouse, regardless of how they said they can't control what advertisement gets delivered.

In addition to the clubhouse, Kyle made a little makeshift cot that he said "needs more work" and I can see where he thinks so, but the idea behind it is genius.

So all in all, I love it.  My kids have been over playing in it, and they love it too.  I also like how Kyle left the sides open for air.  We don't get a lot of wind storms here in the PNW, but when we do get them, they suck and this helps with it not getting blown away.

This house is a favorite amongst the kids on my block.  I really wish I had the time, patience and room to put something like this in my backyard because I know my kids, and dogs, would love to hang out here all day every day.

Thanks Kyle and Lindy for letting me take pictures of your backyard and your project.  I really appreciate you "helping" my series this month.


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  1. U're right, I know pvc and that clubhouse is a SUPER-STRUCTURE!....U are like a regular roving reporter....I better not see U jumping out of airplanes next..........Those kids need a Mom..........


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