Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wizard of Oz

Disclosure:  I received this product pack in return for my review.  All comments and opinions are all my own

The UPS/FedEx/mail carrier frequents our house often.  And by often I mean at least 4 times a week.  But hey, I get a lot of our food/household supplies delivered so it's expected.  

When this Wizard of Oz box showed up at my house, I barely got this picture taken before Lucy was all over the supplies trying to figure out what she was going to do first.

When I told her she would have to wait on a couple of them so we could do them together, she pounced on the wood art stands.

The best part, they kept her busy coloring for about an hour.

And then she went to town with the glitter glue.

She had an absolute blast coloring these and she was super proud of them too.  Afterwards, we bought The Wizard of Oz on our AppleTV and she watched it for the first time.  Yes, you heard that right.  I had never watched The Wizard of Oz with my daughter before.  It was awesome watching it with her for the first time at this age too.  When Dorothy walks out into Oz for the first time, Lucy just stared at the screen and in a whisper said, "wow, that is amazing!"  She was smitten by the movie.  

Because of the excitement from the movie, she was super excited to move along to the other crafts that we got in our box too.  

As soon as the movie was over, she requested that we get back to work and finish our projects.  So we did.  

I picked up these little jewel stickers at our local craft store and added them to this frame.  Then Lucy picked out what characters would go on the sides.  When that was done, I gave her a stack of pictures and asked her which picture should go in it, and she gave me this one, which would be perfect, but the Tin Man covers Dexter's face.  Maybe that was Lucy's intention.  Additionally, the Tin Man had and axe with him.  But Dexter ripped it off and I have no idea where it went. 

And this was Lucy's favorite.  She loved the "girl with the ruby slippers."  Lucy wants Dorothy to sit on the shelf  in her bedroom, so that is where she will live for the rest of her days.  Unless Dexter gets ahold of it.

All in all we had a GREAT time with the crafts.  We played with the masks and still have the basket with Toto to make.  And Lucy has stuck the stickers every where.  

To buy your own Wizard of Oz craft projects, visit their site!  Or they are also available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels, AC Moore, other small retailers. Product selection may vary.

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  1. Super cute, Randi! I love the frame!

  2. I like the frame also..........I won't use "cute", how about cool

  3. Adore the frame! It's such a clever way to incorporate the products in a really practical way.


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