Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Tree

During the summer my friend Amy did a guest post for me regarding her son's Dino-mite birthday party. Well today, she is back sharing her Thankful Tree that she made with her kids. I am so happy she decided to share it with us today!

Thankful Tree

As Thanksgiving was approaching in October (yes I am Canadian), I was looking for a way to share the meaning of Thanksgiving with my young kids (3 and 2). We always bring a centerpiece to my in laws when we go for Thanksgiving dinner, so I thought this would pull double duty. We made it early enough to enjoy and talk about regularly throughout Thanksgiving week at our home, then brought it to dinner and it made for a perfect centerpiece.

The kids and I started by gathering sticks from the back yard and then picking out the perfect one to use as our tree. Considering it was early October in Canada, this was easy. There were sticks everywhere.

We then started talking about what being thankful means. It was cute hearing some of the funny things that came out of their mouths. In general, I was very impressed with their thoughts. My 2 year old fed off the 3 year and it worked well. I wrote all their items onto little leaves I had precut. I decided to colour code them for my son, daughter and things they were both thankful for. I hot glued them onto the branches while they were gathering rocks with Daddy to fill a mason jar (from my expanding collection).

And voila! A meaningful centerpiece at no cost.

I tied a cute ribbon around the jar after taking the pictures because I felt it needed a little extra, but never got around to redoing the photos. You'll have to use your imagination. :)

Thanks for having me on your blog again Randi.
Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadian mama.

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  1. Great project Randi! I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!


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