Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Week's Menu

Oh November...I am almost as thankful for November as I am for October.  This year, I think I am even MORE thankful for November.


Well October was too busy for me.  This weekend gave me the room I needed to breathe, catch my breath and center myself.  I took all the pictures of the rest of my PVC projects.  I edited most of them too.  Now I just need to finish writing them and guess what?  October will just be a thing of the past.

Quick re-cap on my 31 day challenges.

Yoga-I missed about 10 days.  10 out of 31 is not bad in my book and I am ok with this.  I will try another 30 day challenge again as I absolutely love going.

Instagram-I was the only one doing it past day 4.  I was lonely and bored and couldn't feature my own pictures so I quit.  I didn't have the time nor resources to promote it like it needed so I quit.  FAIL.

PVC pipe crafts-I am still finishing up.  This was not a complete fail.  As a matter of fact, I can even call it a success.  The latter half of my October posts are short, to the point, lack luster, BUT I WILL FINISH.  And that is what counts.  So not a complete fail.

As I mentioned on Thursday, I did not make it to the Verity Mom top 3.  I was really shocked when I didn't make it to the top 3.  I, albeit pompously, thought that I was a shoe in for the top 3.  I think where I went wrong was that I mentioned that I would bring crafts to the table.  They asked what direction I wanted to take Verity Mom and I said that I wanted to share how to be crafty on a dime.  Whatever it was, it's ok.  I can always apply again next year.

Now onward and upward.

Things you can expect around here for the next couple of months.  Starting Tuesday, the ladies that co-hosted Trick or Treat Thursday with me, will now be co-hosting AWESOME THINGS TUESDAY!  You are free to link up whatever you want to that link up party, as long as they adhere to the very small list of rules.

In the month of Thanksgiving, I will be taking the week of Thanksgiving OFF.  Thanks right people, I will have a couple scheduled posts (maybe) but I will not be around answering emails or writing fresh posts.  I will however respond to comments on the blog, Facebook or Instagram.

For the month of December, I will be taking the last FULL TWO WEEKS of December off.  Again, I might have some pre-scheduled posts, but for the most part, I am going to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.  Life will resume as normal on January 2nd where we dive full swing into Dexter's birthday party.

Lastly, don't forget to head to Matt's Movember page to keep up with his daily face updates (because who shouldn't have to look at him as often as me??).  While you are there, think about donating a buck or two to the cause!

And now finally, this week's menu

D-sweet potato gnocchi

D-taco lettuce wraps

B-cinnamon rolls
D-chicken pot pie

D-chicken curry

B-pumpkin oatmeal
D-eggplant pizza

L-eating out

B-pancakes and eggs
D-leftovers or pizza

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  1. I tried to join Matt's Team but all was for not..........Good PVC month.........Guess what U guys are getting for Xmas?....A sprinkler system......One piece at a time....


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