Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Carol

I was provided with a copy of this DVD of A Christmas Carol, the concert for review.  The kids and I watched it as one of our Christmas movies for our Advent activities. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to tell you, I was pretty much blown away.  

Now I've seen so many different versions of A Christmas Carol in my day.  A ton actually.  And this by far is in my top 3 favorite versions.  I love that it was play and I love that there was a huge orchestra playing right there on the stage.  It was just lovely.  

And the kids sat and watched it all, which was amazing.  I love too that Lucy has been asking questions about it, "why was Scrooge so mean?"  "why does Scrooge hate Christmas?" It struck up good conversation between us.

This was one of my favorite scenes here.  The man that played the spirits, he was great. And really, the guy that played Scrooge was incredible too!  I really enjoyed this play, can I say that again for the millionth time?

My favorite part of this review is that I get to keep the DVD so we can watch it again next year!  Want to see it yourself?  Well it's airing on TV and you will also get a chance to see it!  See below the information on airing so you can find it on your own network!

A Christmas Carol - The Concert will premiere on KCTS on 12/20 at 8PM and 12/25 at 3 PM

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  1. I will watch for it on TV..........U haven't steered me wrong yet...........


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