Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Calendar (updated) and a FREE file download

Maybe you all remember our advent calendar from last year:

And you might remember the story about how all the magnets didn't work, how I didn't have room for 25 tins on my cookie sheet etc.  Or maybe you don't and you want to read about it and get caught up.  

Then maybe you could understand why I would want to change up our calendar this year.  Fix it up, make it more "me" "us" you know?

So I created a file to make a Christmas tree (the file I have attached isn't exactly the file I used in the picture you are seeing but that is because my computer crashed before I saved and I had to redo it).  

But, I cut out the tree in green vinyl and then added a yellow star sticker to the top.  The circle tins are left over from last years advent, but I recut the letters from vinyl and added them to the lids so I could change out the papers in each one anytime I want.  I cut the ornaments out from a cut file from the Silhouette store.  The ones that have advent activities on them are held on by mini clothes pins.

The "presents" are Altoid tins covered in washi tape and some have some pom poms hot glued on them.

I also wrapped the tin board in washi because I was afraid that the corners would be too sharp.  But it's turned out just fine.  I've got it hanging on the wall now and I am loving how it looks!  The new magnets are holding just fine and we have been having a ton of fun completing our month of activities!  Want to know what that list is?  Well, her it is:

1 - Decorate the tree
2 - Pick out this year's ornaments
3 - Christmas craft
4 - Work on Christmas cards
5 - Christmas book and craft
6 - Mail out Christmas cards
7 -
Build and Grow at Lowe's
8 - Read a Christmas book
9 -  Watch a Christmas movie
10 - Work on christmas gifts
11 - Make christmas ornaments
12 - Read a Christmas book
13 - Christmas shopping
14 - Shop for daddy
15 - Visit Santa/Shop for a kid on the angel tree
16 -
Drive around looking at Christmas lights
17 - Watch a Christmas movie
18 - Bake cookies
19 -
Mail christmas presents
20 -
Make a gingerbread house
21 - Holiday get together with friends
22 - Shop for mommy
23 - Christmas crafts playdate
24 - Read Twas the night before christmas/pajama elves visit/
Make cookies for Santa
25 - Christmas dinner/Skype with family


  1. After Number 14, let's call it 14.1, let's shop for Gran-Daddy........

    1. Speaking of shopping for you, I sent your presents off yesterday. DON'T OPEN THEM UNTIL CHRISTMAS. That's an order ;)

  2. This is absolutely darling, Randi! I love the little washi covered tins. Presh!

  3. I missed this post! I love the little tin presents under the tree! So stinkin' cute!


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