Friday, December 6, 2013

Big Pigs and Sock Dances; A Review

A few of my favorite things in life are books, buying local and doing things with my kids, so when the opportunity to review this kid's book written by a local author came up, I didn't just jump at it, I jumped up and did a jig.

The kids and I drove over to the author's house to pick up the book, that is how local he was to us.  And immediately, Lucy asked for it.  I was so proud as she was practically reading the book to me on the way home, she was sounding out every word, and it took forever, but she was doing it!

When we got home, Lucy pretty much pushed me on the couch and demanded that we read it. Dexter saw that we were going to read a book and climbed up in my lap too.  And our journey began.

Big Pigs and Sock Dances is a super cute story filled with "favorite things."  On many of the pages, Lucy said, "Hey, I love that too!"  Dex kept pointing at all the pictures and saying "whoa!"

I really liked this book too.  It's always a crap shoot with kid's books, you know?  Some are good and some you just dread reading because you know your kid will want you to read them 293736447563 times. I actually enjoyed Big Pigs and Sock Dances so the fact that I have had to read the book 238729894712 times since picking it up, I am not completely exhausted by it yet.  I am also still blown away by the amazing illustrations.

Amazing right?

I highly recommend this book, it will be a great addition to your kid's library!  It's available on Amazon right now for $9.89, but you can pick up the kindle version for only .99, and you can't beat that!

You can check out more from this author:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Website

**Disclosure, I was provided a copy of this book for free for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links. 

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  1. It starts with "Big Pigs and Sock Dances" and before U know it, she's reading Nancy Drew!!!


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