Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas cards

Can I just say that I love Christmas cards.  I love sending them, I love receiving them.  Unfortunately, we don't get as many as we used to.  I am assuming due to the rise in postage and stuff people just don't send as many, but it might never stop me.  I love making cards, I can't help it.  

Craft paper
Washi tape
Silhouette sketch pens
Silhouette labels

As I was going through my old documents, I found my little poem for the cards I sent out in 2011 and it made me so sentimental and brought tears to my eyes.  It reminded me why I do these cards in the first place, to help document our lives, our years as a family.  It shows our progress, our travels, our growth.

This year's card was slightly different than the ones I have done in the past.  This year, instead of a newsletter or a crossword puzzle or a poem, I included simple pictures that captured each of our personalities and essence.  I glued them on tags and tied string so that if our friends and family wanted to turn them into ornaments later, they could.  I wanted to make something personalized and intimate for our loved ones, and lets face it, what you put on your tree is a personal intimate thing.

And each of these cards are unique, no two of the 60 I made are alike.  I can't wait for our loved ones get their cards, I hope they enjoy them as much as I did making them.


  1. I love these! i always want to make cards but never actually do.

  2. That is a GREAT card.......Matt says humbug until he gets his totally cool one of a kind T-shirt........The 4 of you make for quite a beautiful family.......(See, I'm trolling for more Xmas Presents......)


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