Friday, December 6, 2013

Custom Gift Tags

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the magic behind it.  The looks on my kids' faces in the morning is the best.  They are truly mesmerized not only by the presents but by the magic in which it all got there.

In order to dress up our presents, I make special tags that are just from Santa.  Last year, I hand painted them, but this year, this year, I am going to cut them from my Silhouette.

I used these templates that I bought from the Silhouette store to make some tags that I did for a recent gift tag exchange. And I love how they came out!  They are so fun and festive!

The only problem with these ones is that Lucy has already seen them so I can't use them for as Santa gifts, but I have plenty more in my arsenal that she doesn't know about yet that I can use.

The magic behind Santa is one I will try to keep in our house for years.  The innocence that comes with the magic is my favorite.  Kids grow up far too fast these days and I will do just about anything to keep them kids as long as I can.  If staying up far past their bed times to work on gift tags to help maintain that magic is what I have to do, then so be it, I will do it.

A quick story on the magic of Christmas from my past...

My dad was a single dad and every year, we had gifts from Santa (dad if you are reading this, don't get mad :P).  The year we (my brother and I) found out there wasn't Santa, we eavesdropped overheard my dad talking on the phone with my uncle about how he and his BFF were tagging gifts. They had been joking around while writing the "from" and put a bunch of funny things on the tags instead of Santa Clause, I can't remember the exact deets, but my brother and I still loved it.  We realized that year that we had been duped, but we didn't give up the ghost of Santa for a few more years, for both my dad and our sakes.

I think along with the kids experiencing the magic of Santa, the kids get to experience a little magic in their own way when they realize that their parents have gone through so much trouble.  I know that my brother and I played along with the Santa gig for a few more years and so the magic was shared on both ends.  And because of that, there are memories I will always have and cherish.

So thank you dad for all you did during those years.  I look back now and am so thankful for being so loved.

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