Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Plated review

A few weeks ago, Facebook in all it's glory, told me that my friend "liked" a page.  I, of course, had to check out this page that she had just liked.  It took me to the Facebook page of Plated.  It intrigued me and so I looked into a little more and found out a few things.  

Plated is a food service.  They design the meals by chefs and then offer you a variety of "plates" to choose from.  You pick your plates and then they send you everything you need to prepare your meal (minus a few staples like salt and olive oil).  The best part, it gets delivered right to your door.  Great right?

I ordered four plates when I did my starter order.  I got potato goat cheese cakes with balsamic vinaigrette and acorn squash with Thanksgiving sausage stuffing. As a matter of fact this is what showed up at my door when I ordered:

So I want to start (in the middle) and quickly state that I find myself to be a pretty good cook.  Give me a recipe and I do a pretty good job following it.  I love to cook and I love trying new things.  That said, what they sent was not something I couldn't have picked out of a cook book myself.  However, it was bits and pieces of things that I have tried making different versions.  For instance, I made potato latkes before which is what the potato pancakes are like.  And I've made my own stuffing too.  

What I liked about this service is that it takes ALL the guess work out of it.  As I said before, I know my way around a kitchen, but if you didn't, if you didn't know the difference between a colander and a cheese grater, this service would be great for you.

They provide step by step recipe cards and all the ingredients are labeled so you know what goes with what and it's the perfect measurement of each item.

Putting my plates together, remember I ordered two acorn squash plates and two potato pancake plates figuring one was more an entre and the other more a side.  After splitting up the food amongst the four of us we had MORE than enough to feed us all.  And had we not devoured everything on our plates because it was so good, we would have had left overs.

It was easy enough to follow the directions and prep that even Matt could do it.  I even had him read through the directions since he is a step by step kinda guy, and I'm not talking about the 80's boy band.  Matt needs step by step directions, so if they had typed "after grating the potatoes you need to turn around in circles three times and take a step to the left," he would do it.  And Matt was able to read through and understand the directions, so that is a plus.

The only downside to this service that I can find is that it's a bit pricey.  It's $12 a plate for members and $15 a plate for non members.  That is about what it costs to go out to eat except someone cooks and cleans for you.  Which is a big negative.  I totally agree.  HOWEVER, if you wanted to learn to cook, if you wanted to learn to make amazing meals, or if you were having people over that you really wanted to impress, this would be great.

All in all, I will not be a regular customer of Plated, but I will be checking in periodically on their menus and if something strikes my fancy, I'll order it.  Remember, you get to keep the recipe cards so if you get something that is INCREDIBLE, like the potato pancakes, you can always make them again and again and again.

Have you tried Plated?  Would you consider trying it?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

**Disclaimer, I was not paid nor was I provided anything free (other than a promotional code for signing up through their site for the first time).  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  The links provided throughout this post are referral codes, so if you do sign up, I could earn free plates for future meals however I will not be paid by Plated for any of my reviews.


  1. Boy that really looks GREAT!......Of course I wouldn't know as I'm still waitin' for my invitation to dinner!!!.....And per our conversation (and since I don't have to worry about putting a dinner invitation in jeopardy), U will ALWAYS be the kid and I will ALWAYS be the grown-up.........Forever!

  2. PS.....Thinking of me as an Adult is pretty scary.........Maybe U ARE right.........

  3. I like that it helps me to make a great meal. Everything that i need,too bad it is not in my area.

  4. Boy, that food really makes me hungry...........By the way, Who's Jimmm?


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