Monday, December 16, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #3

I was so excited for this month's Stitch Fix.  I simply could not wait to see what they sent me. Unfortunately, I was not super excited when I opened my box this month.  

Want to see what I got? 

Top #1:  Breyson Split-Neck Tab Sleeve Knit Top $58
Not a fan of this shirt.  It was a heavier material so when I rolled up the sleeves, it felt really bulky on my arms.  I also have a million grey shirts.  Also, I didn't like the weird pleated stitching in the front. I don't fee like this shirt did anything for me.

Status:  Returned

Top #2: Dekotah Henley Peasant Blouse $58
I highly disliked this shirt.  It didn't move well and bunched up when I tried to fix my hair for the pictures.  I also don't feel like it did anything for my.  And the sleeves were too long.  And it was tight in my arms.  

Status:  Returned

Top #3:  Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan  $48
I looooooved this cardigan.  It was a jersey type fabric, it was snuggly it was red, I really loved it. Matt said it looked like I was wearing pajamas, which is probably why I loved it so much.  However, for $48, I can get something similar somewhere else. 

Status:  Returned

Top #4: Julia Utility Jacket  $78
What can I say, I looooved this jacket.  I loved the color, I loved the fit, I loved the cut.  It's a lighter weight jacket too, so I can wear it longer here in Seattle.  Oh and don't mind my little photobomber Lucy, she really wanted to get in a picture with me.  

Status:  Kept

Top #5:  Jaclynn 3/4 sleeve Button-Up Cardigan  $38
Oh I loved this cardigan too.  I felt it fit me well.  I liked the color.  BUT, for $38, I can find a cheaper one somewhere else.  And I have enough cardigans.  It was hard to send this one back though

Status:  Returned

My overall opinion of this box:
I wasn't a huge fan of this box.  I felt like it was a lot of duller pieces, nothing super fun, different or exciting (aside from the jacket).  I don't feel this box captured my personality at all.

I am going to continue my subscription to Stitch Fix into 2014 because I really do enjoy the service. I also like being able to add something new to my wardrobe once a month.  I do need your help though! For every reader that signs up for Stitch Fix under my referral link, I will earn referral credit. It's only $20 a month to get a box and if you decide to buy anything they send you, they apply the $20 fee so my cost for the jacket was only $58.  If you keep everything they send you, you get 20% off your whole box.

To read about my other Stitch Fix reviews, click here.

So please, give it a whirl and help me while helping yourself!


  1. Love this post! And who doesn't love a Lucy appearance?!?

  2. LOVE the jacket! Great style, great color! I think I'd have kept the last cardi too. $38 isn't bad for a sweater. I'd pay that at Express or NY&Co...

  3. I liked them all........And knowing how U WOMEN are, U are probably going to be needing new shoes to model also...


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